Friday, 24 May 2013

Lowering Website Bounce Rate

How can you increase the conversion rate on your website?

The first consideration should be lowering bonce rate.

It's a great question.

We make use of a free web program called TinyPNG, you simply upload your PNG there and will also compress it without losing any resolution, transparency or something that you could have in the image. Afterwards, a 3 megabyte image is about 150 kilobytes. That's a tremendous difference.
The next tip is usually to possess a user-friendly 404 page. Why with that occurs when someone goes to a page that either doesn't exist on your own website any more or they've used an improper link, a lot of the times they'll search for a 404 page. The 404 page is definitely basically telling them that that doesn't exist.

What you would like to complete is that you want to create a user-friendly version of that. You want to add a link returning to your homepage and also you want to will include a url to your contact and your search as well; when you can will include a search bar every one of the better. You would like to make an actual handy resource. So if someone does inadvertently get there, they have every one of the tools and details to return to your homepage as well as to find what exactly they're seeking.

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