Saturday, 29 June 2013

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In these short few years, many new web design standards, technology and design concepts have come to bear. That is on top of the immense amount of knowledge distribution and demand for more functional and independent web design packages and tools.

The knowledge distribution has also led to shift in demand to the content management systems which facilitate content updates. These updates have become immensely necessary to keep the consumer’s interest for visiting the web site again and again and also to keep the consumer abreast with latest happenings regarding the company and its products and services. A great example of a company that keeps their customers up to date is iConnect Media, a iConnect Media Mississauga website design company.

CMS or Content Management System is quickly becoming the standard with web design organizations. They have come to realize that CMS is the future of web site design and may be left behind in the industry if they do not begin offering CMS services.

CMS does not in any way spell doom to web designers. CMS certainly saves the company’s time it spends on web design and allows them to put more efforts into marketing. CMS gives the company the freedom it needs by providing them with an ability to update the site when needed, not when convenient. CMS also saves the company’s costs by not having to run to the web designer every time an update is needed.

Even the most basic content management system has the following:

  • Provides an interface to Add/remove/edit pages.
  • Provides easy interface to update content of each page.
  • Capability to add or remove images where needed.
  • Interface to update contact information.
  • Display updated listings (ex: Mortgage and interest rates).
  • Facilitates addition of news on the industry everyday.

UI (or user interface)

A web design organization should seriously consider offering CMS to their clients to prepare for the future. It is still at a nascent stage, so if a web design and development organization is considering developing a customised CMS and marketing it, they can still see success in the near future.

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